Editorial Photographer – Travis Shinn

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1. What are your three must-have accessories / tools on a shoot?
A really good pair of sneakers (I love a good pair of sneakers ), multiple t-shirts (I sweat a lot), & a bandana (I really do sweat a lot).

2. What is your favorite website / blog?

3. Once piece of advice you’d give to all music photographers?
A sense of humor is key, and don’t take yourself or anyone else too seriously. I mean it, seriously.

4. What are some ways you get a celebrity actors and musician to open up at a shoot, enabling you to get the shot that you want?
I shoot fast. I don’t give them too much time to think about the fact that they are getting their picture taken. Play good music.

5. Which photographer serves as your greatest source of inspiration?

My wife. She doesn’t have website. She should really start one. she is so modest about her work. She is amazing!