Self-Promote Your Portrait Studio

Many photographers dread the idea of self-promotion, but neglect this important part of your business and your work will suffer. If you don’t seize the opportunity to showcase your achievements, you’re missing out on potential customers. Always ask your clients for feedback and don’t be afraid to share their comments on your testimonials page (with their permission, of course).

Your best source for new clients is referrals from your existing clients. If you’ve done your job well, the best time to ask your clients for referrals is at the conclusion of a project or when delivering their photos. Create a referral card your clients can give to friends and family with a special offer or promotion. Then reward your customers for any referrals they bring in. Rewards can be additional reprints, credits towards future purchases or a cash incentive.

Support your community and think local. Are there events in your town that could use your services? If your specialty is family portraits, why not team up with a parents’ network or mother’s group that puts on Halloween costume parties, easter egg hunts, and other festivals or fairs to offer special packages or one-day event photography? Ask for promotional signage/sponsorship logos in exchange for supporting the event and have postcards or brochures ready to distribute. You can also capture emails when someone signs up to have their photo taken at an event.

Check out the site,, for local communities in your area.

And finally, never leave home without your business cards – you never know when you might run into someone who is looking for your services or can refer you to others.