Photographer – Pablo Garcia

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As an ongoing effort to showcase the work of clickbooq users, we had a quick Q & A with photographer Pablo Garcia.

1. What are your three must-have accessories / tools on a shoot?

California Sunbounce, Profoto 7B, and my beloved zeiss 85 1.2.

2. What is your favorite website / blog?

There so many, its hard to say, I like gadgets and technology so I visit Gizmodo and Engadget frequently.

3. One piece of advice you’d give to all wedding photographers?

Tell a story!

4. What is your greatest challenge in running your own studio?

My greatest challenge has been keeping my website up to date, always showcasing my latest work is important. That is one of the reasons I chose clickbooq, I can update them easily and frequently.

5. Who or what serves as your greatest source of inspiration for photography?

People have always been my source of inspiration, there is always an expression, a movement, a moment, an instant that captures that pure essence which makes them unique.

Pablo’s Personal Photography Website –

Born in Bogotá, Colombia, Pablo began toying with photography at an early age using his father’s camera. With the intention to steer him clear of photography as a career, but rather turn it into a hobby, Pablo was given his first darkroom at age 16, and has pursued his passion for photography since. Following his studies in Savannah, GA, he moved to New York to train under Timothy Greenfield-Sanders and the Starn Twins. “I love portrait photography because of its timeless quality,” Pablo says. “That is what I look for in a picture, that it withstands the test of time.” His work has been published in Vogue, Ocean Drive, Maxim, Poder, Haute Living among others. Besides photography, Pablo directs commercials and music videos, most recently the Ford Fiesta Campaign. His corporate clients include Ford, Sony Ericsson, Carolina Herrera, Microsoft, McDonalds, Sony Pictures, Univision, State Farm. He currently lives in Miami. To view his work visit and