Tools of the Trade

Just a few things I have found invaluable in the process of developing our web app:

  1. Web-based project management: we use basecamp from 37signals to post our weekly status notes, project schedules, comps, wireframes, functional specs, and content. (btw, they have a company blog that is a good read for anyone considering launching a start-up).
  2. Bug tracker: once you are deep in development a bug tracker is key for identifying bugs and keeping track of their status. We use mantis to assign bugs to a developer and track feedback and testing results. It’s also a great way to prioritize bugs and features in development. One thing we’ve realized is sometimes less is more and if you plan on launching within the century, you will have to make some tough decisions and save some features for future releases. Luckily, we built our app’s framework to easily incorporate new features and upgrades seamlessly.
  3. Whiteboard and lots of notebooks: these are good for jotting down brainstorm ideas, sketching out new features, keeping track of deadlines, etc. Sometimes just putting pen to paper can spark new ideas or solidify half-formed ones.

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