What’s the big idea?

So we’ve taken the leap – going from a web design firm to a full-fledged software provider. But we aren’t just looking to create new technology – we’re developing a service that offers a much-needed solution to a problem we’ve been solving for our clients for years. It’s still web design, just without the overhead. By building a software application that enables users to design and publish their own flash websites, without having to know a lick of programming, we can help out a lot more people and charge a lot less.

Since this is a DIY approach, our ideal users need to have an eye for design. Which is why we tailored our app for the creative community. Professional photographers are already well-versed in style, color, composition and tend to be tech-savvy. And it’s more important than ever for photographers to have a current and well-designed website to showcase their work.

In days of yore, photographers sent their portfolios via a courier service to advertising agencies, magazines, and other potential clients for viewing. We still have a few leather-bound portfolios of our branding work in a drawer somewhere. And though we still think nothing beats a face-to-face, art buyers who book photographers based on their website alone is becoming the norm. But just showing your images isn’t enough – a photographer’s website needs to clearly illustrate his or her personal style and creative vision. So we’ve built in a lot of customization options to allow more creative freedom, without compromising the usability of the site. Our users can even upload their own custom created background.

So that’s essentially our idea in a nutshell. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, we’ll tone down the sales-y stuff in future posts.

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