Should Photographer’s Twitter?

Seems like the second you hop onto one new technology, another one comes along demanding your attention. You may have just gotten the hang of posting images to your WordPress blog or MySpace page, only to find everyone’s moved on to posting tweets or updating their Facebook profile. So is Twitter going to be an integral part of your networking and marketing efforts as a photographer, or is it just a new internet fad?


You may still be stuck on what the heck “tweets” are.  Tweets are very short messages – a maximum of 140 characters –  that can range from what you had for breakfast to breaking news about a local earthquake. Twitter describes itself as “a free service that lets you keep in touch with people through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question: What are you doing.” “Following” someone means you will receive their “tweets” on your Twitter homepage. You can follow celebrities, politicians, companies, or fellow photographers.

Twitter can be a collaborative tool – used in a work environment to let people know what you new projects you’re working on. It can be a community builder in a time when face-time’s a premium. It can also help you get instant feedback from your followers or quickly get an answer to your questions. But will Twitter actually help you land a new contract or sell more stock? The jury’s still out, but we do know it’s nice to have a place to gather for “water cooler talk” whether you’re in your studio or traveling solo for a shoot.

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