Taking stock of the industry

According to the stock photography survey PDN published in their June 2007 issue, 52% of stock photographers surveyed said their stock incomes have stayed the same or decreased over the last five years. The decline’s beginning can be traced to the internet boom of ’99 when agencies increasingly used royalty-free images due to budget and… Continue reading Taking stock of the industry

Why you need a (new) website

The photography industry is changing rapidly and the successful photographer must change with it. More photographers than ever are shooting digital. And while this provides amazing turnaround time the demand for a streamlined workflow is greater than ever. Digital photography has also lowered the barriers for entry into the industry, making successful marketing tactics essential… Continue reading Why you need a (new) website

Tools of the Trade

Just a few things I have found invaluable in the process of developing our web app: Web-based project management: we use basecamp from 37signals to post our weekly status notes, project schedules, comps, wireframes, functional specs, and content. (btw, they have a company blog that is a good read for anyone considering launching a start-up).… Continue reading Tools of the Trade

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What’s the big idea?

So we’ve taken the leap – going from a web design firm to a full-fledged software provider. But we aren’t just looking to create new technology – we’re developing a service that offers a much-needed solution to a problem we’ve been solving for our clients for years. It’s still web design, just without the overhead.… Continue reading What’s the big idea?