Flash Upload Issue on Apple’s Leopard OS

All clickbooq account holders should have received an email about this issue last week, but in case you missed it, here’s the issue. If you recently upgraded to the newly-released Mac OSX Leopard, you may have noticed issues with uploading images, BackDrops, logos, mp3’s or content page images. This has to do with an incompatibility with Adobe’s Flash based player and Leopard. Since clickbooq’s Toolbox application is built using Adobe’s Flex, this can affect any of our users who are on Mac OSX Leopard.

Adobe has responded quickly to the issue and released a new version of the Flash player for Macs that you can download from their website. To upgrade your Flash plugin, you must follow the instructions in the link below for uninstalling and reinstalling Flash player. You MUST Uninstall the plugin before updating Flash player.

Uninstall link:


Then you can download the latest Flash 9 plugin:


This only affects your Toolbox application and should not affect anything in your public website. Let the support staff at clickbooq know if you have trouble upgrading or need any assistance.


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