Non-portfolio pages for your photography website

Chris Weeks Photography About Content Page

While the heart of your professional photographer website will be your portfolios and images within them, you should devote careful consideration to your non-portfolio pages as well.

Peter Koval’s Biography page.

To follow up on the tutorial about creating your Content Pages, I thought it would be helpful to offer a few suggestions for the five pages that come with your website, plus include examples from some of our fine clients.

Jim Wright Photography content page

About – This can be a short bio, how you got your start in professional photography, where you’re from, interests outside of photography. Don’t be afraid to show some personality or impress us with a few plum assignments you’ve been on.
Joaquin Palting client list.

Contact – At a minimum, this should include your email address, phone number and mailing address. You can also add your agent’s contact information. Create buttons to link any of the text to a website address or email address.

Clients – Here you can provide a list of your past clients. It can be a simple list, or you can add company logos and links to company websites. You could also include client testimonials.
Rob Gallagher’s Awards page.

News – let people know where you are, what you’ve been working on and upcoming events. You can also add a link to your blog where people can get more detail on your day-to-day. Or post links to feature articles and awards that highlight your accomplishments.

The beauty of our system is you aren’t stuck with a templated page – you can always create new Content Pages and update your links easily. Nothing’s worse than having outdated contact information on your website – would you give out a business card with the wrong phone number or email address? Treat your website the same way and keep it current.

Content Pages, from top to bottom: Chris Weeks (, Peter Koval, (, Jim Wright (http://, Joaquin Palting (, Robert Gallagher (

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