Instagram 101 for Photographers

Of all the social media networks, Instagram is one of the most widely used and accessible to photographers. And unlike Facebook, every post will actually show up in your followers’ feeds, greatly increasing the chance that your images will be seen. To build your following on Instagram, take a few moments to plan your strategy.… Continue reading Instagram 101 for Photographers

Create a blog board

You may have noticed a lot of photography blogs use photo collages in their posts. This is an easy way to display multiple images at once from one session in a visually interesting format and can save you time when you use a blog board template or create your own custom collage templates. Blog boards… Continue reading Create a blog board

5 Easy Tips for your Facebook Page

If your business’s Facebook page is looking more dead than alive, here are 5 simple things you can do to add a little life to your Page and hopefully gain more followers. 1. Post! So this one can seem the most daunting, but really it is the most natural and critical step you need to… Continue reading 5 Easy Tips for your Facebook Page

Social Media Marketing 101 for Photographers

Looking to add social media to your marketing plan but not sure where to start? Here are a few basic tips for photographers interested in taking advantage of social networking on Facebook to stay in touch with your current clients, build your customer base and capture referrals. First off, don’t use your personal Facebook profile… Continue reading Social Media Marketing 101 for Photographers

Adding a Photographer Contact Form

Looking for a contact form that can capture more information from prospective clients interested in your photography packages? Check out Wufoo, a free, easy-to-use web app for building and designing forms for your website. With a gallery of pre-made templates you can further customize just for your needs, you can add a new form to… Continue reading Adding a Photographer Contact Form

12 ways to improve your clickbooq website’s search engine rankings

Guest blog editor Chris Cummins, owner and chief photographer of Glow Imagery, a wedding and portrait photography studio based in Kansas City, shares his top tips for increasing the search engine visibility of your clickbooq portfolio website. So you have your clickbooq website up and running. The portfolios look awesome, you’ve customized your website with… Continue reading 12 ways to improve your clickbooq website’s search engine rankings

Optimizing Audio For Your clickbooq Portfolio Site

With clickbooq, you have the option to upload music to your portfolio site. Remember, most music is copyright-protected – ensure any music you upload is not infringing on any copyright laws. When visitors come to your website, the music player will automatically load and start playing. For this reason, it is important to optimize your… Continue reading Optimizing Audio For Your clickbooq Portfolio Site

Selling Images with PayPal

Using clickbooq’s PayPal shopping cart to sell your images Recently we announced our partnership with RedCart to provide online proofing and ecommerce for our photographers. This is a robust system that allows you to create individual client galleries and apply custom print price groups based on your image sizes, paper types, and finishing services. You… Continue reading Selling Images with PayPal