Planning your website

Whether you are getting ready to design your site for the first time, or planning a major site redesign, here are three important things to remember as you start designing your website: No. 1: Know your audience Spend some time thinking about who your target audience is – are you reaching out to a professional… Continue reading Planning your website

Make your own tripod lamp

Thought this was a fun idea for a conversation piece for any photographer’s living room. All you need is a tripod, lamp kit, and lamp shade to make it yourself. (From lifehacker, by way of TheDesignDirectory)

Creating your Color Palette

Creating your site’s design often revolves around the color palette you choose. Your background color, borders, inactive and active font color, logo, and images are all part of your site’s palette. Do you prefer a monochromatic look – all white or different shades of grey? Or do you want to emphasize the playfulness of your… Continue reading Creating your Color Palette